Solar Energy | Why Cheaper Then Electricity

Solar Energy

Sun is the biggest source of energy on earth. If the sun stops radiating this energy then life on earth will be finished rapidly. The energy produced by the sun is called solar energy. Now, are days scientists are working on more advanced projects to use this unlimited source of energy to produce electricity.

What is solar energy

The energy produced by nuclear fusion takes place in the sun. this reaction occurs when photons or hydrogen collide with the sun’s surface and fuse to produce helium. And this reaction is known as PP (Proton-Proton) which produces an enormous amount of energy and goes in every direction in space. And also reach the earth in form of sun radiations. We know these radiations as solar energy.

How solar energy is converted to electricity

This energy is converted to electricity through photovoltaic cells. A small amount of current is produced in it when this radiation strikes the conductor and semi-conductor junction or junction of two semiconductors.  The energy produced by single photovoltaic cells is about two watts. And this way by connection hundreds or thousands of solar panels are put together to produce a large amount of electricity.

The small photovoltaic cells produce less energy which are being consider as best for the running of small home appliances such as calculators and watches. The big and large solar panels are installed to produce electricity for big machinery such as water pumps and communication satellites. There are also three different types of photovoltaic cells that are useful for different environments. Photovoltaics cells can be used for building-integrated photovoltaics which can be installed at roofs top to provide electricity for the home only.

The solar energy is now cheapest source of energy

As we know that to produce it no other fuels or water turbines are used to produce it. It is the largest source of energy by nature. Which continuous to emit radiation even after millions of years. We can capture this free-of-cost energy to produce electricity in small areas to fulfill their needs. The solar panels are designed to have less cost and produce more energy for the customers. According to the IEA the solar energy is the cheapest to produce energy as compare to other resources.

Try to use this cheapest source of energy to have free-of-cost electricity for a specific period of time with less investment.

solar panels on roof top

Applications of solar energy

Solar panels or photovoltaic cells are a good sources of energy for last 50 years. And due to scientists work, this energy can be used in various different sectors. But here I will explain the big energy application which is benefiting the community a a large scale.

Solar Heating of Buildings:

Solar energy is also used to heat up the building using different methods. The first method is that energy entered the building itself, such as through open spaces like windows and doors. And the second method is using solar energy collectors either by air, water, and other storages spaces.

In the second method, the energy is stored and can be delivered to the required space through different methods such as hot air registers, air outlets, ducts, or fans as well.


Solar energy is also used for water distillation. In this method, the solar radiation is emitted through the transparent air-tight glass to the water hidden in shadow. When the water absorbs energy and converts it into vapors. When these vapors are condensed and purified then transfer to the collecting duck. This way the water can be purified to drink and other usages.

Solar Drying of Agricultural and Animal Products

Solar energy is also used to drying animal and agricultural products. It is mostly used for the drying of fruits. When you dried the fruits its sugar concertation increases and makes them healthier. The old ways of drying food are now extent because those techniques are old now.

There are also many other solar energy applications.


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