The word habit means, the repetition of something many times and eventually, it beacons part of your daily life. Habit can be good and bad as well. Habit is something we like to do when we are free or when we have to change our mood. In this way, good habits can help you a lot, if you can develop them.

And obviously, bad habits can lead to some serious bad effects on your life. Having little bad habits can be good sometimes like you love to eat chocolate while everyone is sleeping. It’s because it is not affecting everyone, but it can be harmful if you eat a healthy amount of chocolate every day.

Let look at an example, you love to go on a morning walk because you like the fresh morning breeze and the beautiful sounds of birds in the air. This habit will result in good health and bring peace to your mind. Because early in the morning, when air is fresh and peace is everywhere, you will get time to appreciate nature, the blessing you have, and a break from stress as well.

Let look at another example, you like to drink after your work. But this bad habit can lead to bad health. Because drink amount can increase with passing days. And eventually, result in some harmful effects on your body system. So, always try to build good habits, that will help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Are you facing some problems while trying to build good habits?

Then I can help you. Keep reading.

I will discuss the few easy and small tricks to help you built good habits.

1.    Start with small changes

We always try to change habits quickly, that’s why we are unable to develop them. If you start with a small change in your daily routine, then increase the time or load with time.

For example, you want to get up early in the morning to optimize your work. But for you, it is impossible to get up early. Start with getting up 15 minutes earlier for few days. When you able to get up easily then reduce more 15 minutes. Repeat this process until you reach the optimal time. This way you would able to get up early without disturbing your min.

So do small changes to achieve big changes in your life.

2.    Once you decided to do something, stick to it


Some people decide to change habits or create good habits but unable to do it. The one factor that can be is not sticking to your decision. It takes willpower, determination and knowledge to stay committed to yourself.

As you said, tomorrow you will not drink, but when it’s time no to drink, you lose your determination and drink again. This way you will never able to develop a good habit.

Developing good habits or leaving bad habits is never easier. You will always face difficulties while trying to do it. But don’t lose hope. Difficulties come to make us stronger. Face them with determination and prove that you can do anything. And this attitude will help you a lot.

3.    Took a break and think about what is holding you back

Sometimes you are trying your best but unable to achieve the desire results. Then took a break, and sit at a peaceful place, think about what you are doing and how you are doing as well. Sometimes your determination is good but your path is wrong.

For example, you want to go to the gym, but it is far away from home. And you cannot think of going there every day. And it will take extra time to go as well. Then bring some exercise stuff at home and start exercising. It will solve your problem. And maybe someday, you would be able to go to the gym.

4.    Ask your family and friends to help

Family and friends play a large role in our daily life. We spend our whole day with them. You can ask them to help you.

For example, you want to get up early, then ask your sibling to wake you up. He will able to wake up with some weird trick as well because siblings always know how to annoy you. At first, he will try to wake you up with kindness, but if you don’t wake up, he will through the blanket on the floor.

This way and many others ways family and friends can help you a lot.

5.    Celebrate your small achievements

Celebrating the small things in life is very important because it will give you a sense of satisfaction. It will also motivate you to achieve more things as well. And also help you minimize the chances of doing the bad habits again.

For example, you want some quality time, but also have a large amount of work to do. You can promise to yourself that if you work for two hours with full focus then you will spend 30 minutes free to play or to relax. This way you would try to do more work to have the free quality time. Or if you complete your work on time, you can go to your friend’s birthday.

6.    Work in your favorite environment

In changing habits, your environment matters a lot. Because if you don’t change your environments then you will face difficulties in developing a good habit. Such as if you want to do some school work, you would able to finish it quickly in peaceful enrolments.

For example, if you are dieting, and you don’t have to eat any junk food. But whenever you open the fridge, you will see your favorite food there. Such a situation will not help you in building good habits.

So, changing your environments to change your habits is very helpful.

7.    Make a list of mistakes and achievements

to do list 1

If you start listing your daily works, then you would be able to achieve more tasks than the normal routine. Because this way you can keep track of yourself. Today we have smartphones, create a to-do list in the morning, and start marking the goals you achieve, and this way you would achieve more goals.

Similar start writing your daily mistakes and achievements as well. Then you can see that what you did wrong and what good thing you do today. If your list of mistakes is longer then trying to reduce it with good effort. These small efforts can help you more than you think.

So, keep trying to develop good habits.

8.    Try to achieve one good habit at one time

When you trying to develop many good habits at one time, you will eventually be failed. Because you cannot do it. Changing habits can be difficult sometimes. Don’t be harsh on your self that way you will get tired and lose motivation.

Always try to develop one good habit at one time. This way you would push yourself to do a small change because it takes less time. And when you can large changes with small efforts then you will get what you are working for.

These small changes can bring a large to your normal life routine.


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