Companies look for trusted applications to enhance their user experience and to grow their business with more connections. AWS help these businesses to solve their problem with inter-connected web services.

What is AWS?

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. And is a cloud-based platform which provides free or paid services to the business and gives them solution through inter-connected web service. It also has many pre-built services which can help the business to build or grow cloud-based solutions. This system is trusted by many organizations and firms either big or small businesses.

AWS provides many services to these businesses such as data processing, game deployment, achieve development, warehousing, and many more. When you start an online business or website, you need an online server with different needs according to your business type. And Amazon Web Services provides you different features and server types according to your choice.

 AWS provides:

  • Online cloud, web, and applications serve
  • With cloud storage to can access your data from anywhere
  • It has database management system such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, and SQL server
  • You can use CDN to manipulate server data and information
  • And deliver email in bulk quantity

Best Features of AWS

1.    Mobile friendly

The AWS is mobile-friendly in two different ways.

1) AWS mobile hub

The AWS features are available for both iOS and Android users. It will give you support and guidelines for compatible and suitable features for your application. And also has a console through which can access Amazon Web Services such as testing, monitoring of mobile applications, development, and many other services. And it also has lucid ways to configure and select the different features of the mobile app such as push notification, content, and delivery.

2) AWS mobile app

Through AWS mobile app you can directly access AWS such as Lambda, S3, and Dynamo. It is available in Android, iOS, Unity, React Native and we as well.

2.    Database

The big organization has bulky data to store, manipulate and use as well. AWS helps them by providing Relation Database Service (RDS). With RDS organizations can easily maintain their data. This service has both resizable and cost-effective capacity. And automatically do many administrative tasks which can take time and cost, such as patching, backups, database setups, and provisioning.

It gives the flexibility to concentrate on other takes and focus on their goals to the organizations. AWS is available in different types of databases, which can help you to optimize the performance and memory. And it is easy to use, you can easily migrate and backup the data through AWS Database Migration Services.

Types of database AWS provides:

  1. Non-Relational Database
  2. In-Memory Data Store
  3. Data Warehouse
  4. Graph Database
  5. Relational Database

3.    Storage

The AWS storage is built to help the developers who work with web scaling computing. AWS is an object storage service that provides data availability, performance, security, scalability for organizations. The organizational data size does not matter, they can easily use the simple storage services. Which also helps them keep data secure and safe across different users. Whether the mobile app, restore, backups, enterprise application, website, big data analytic, or IoT devices, this service can support all types of functionality and store data within S3.

AWS provided the following types of storage

  • First, Amazon Simple Storage: It provides scalable object storage for data backups archival and analytics
  • Second, Amazon FBS: It provides block-level storage for consistent data storage to use with EC-2 instances
  • and third Amazon Glaciers: for long term storage

4.    Security and compliance

The AWS provides the best security to the data provided by the organization. Because of its maximums security most, the business trusts the AWS. Its features allow the customer to innovate and scale. You will only pay for the services you use, no additional cost required. And there is no upfront cost or expenses.

The security of Amazon Web Services is associate with EC2 instances. And the AWS provides security at post access and protocol level. It filters the traffics coming from the outer side or inner side of EC-2 instances. It has four compromise field rules:

  • Protocol
  • Source
  • Type
  • Port Range

5.    Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

The VPS from amazon is designed to provide several levels of AWS cloud with resources restricted to one defined organization. This company will have full control over the virtual host or environment. This will have a range of IP addresses, network getaways, subnet creation, and route table configuration. You can easily gain safe access to the sources by using IPV6 and IPV4.

And you can also customize your whole network according to demands or needs. It includes a database that can be formed in a separate private subnet without access to internet services. According to the security needs of the organization, they can easily apply security protocols, such as access control lists and security needs.

6.    AWS Marketplace

AWS is also considered a marketplace where you can easily search for required software and can but them for your business. The process is very simple, you can deploy the software with just one click, but first, you have to pay for the software price.


You can see AWS has many opportunities for firms and business who wants to grow their businesses. The AWS was launched in 2012 the income of Amazon Web Services from the third part provides. It also provides free and paid commercial software for the organization.

AWS is now an extremely powerful and effective platform if you use their cloud-based services. It provides solutions to big enterprises and helps them with their products. All the features mentioned above are just the top ones, you should also search for the deep features to know about the full range of services. And use these services to reduce the impact on resources and improve performance.


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