Everyone has their tips and tricks for traveling. Traveling and exploring the world is everyone’s dream. But this dream can be hateful if you don’t know how to do the right thing in other countries. And to make your journey smooth I have some traveling tips for you.

But here I will be discussing some simple and easy tricks. Then let’s start.

Pack less:

While traveling your backpack should be as light as possible. And if you lose something, then it will create trouble, so always protect your things in other countries.

And I think the best way is don’t unpack your luggage. Just unpack few things such as

  • Keys and wallet on the side table
  • Charger close to switch
  • And if you have some valuable, then put it into safe

Packing cubes will help you to pack too lugged fast. If you have some dirty shirts, put them in relevant package cube and put dirty shirts in it. And keep doing this until the end of your day. And on the last day, your luggage will be ready rather than searching for dirty clothes in cabinets.

When a plan to Asia, always bring a head torch with you. Because electricity can go out any time. Then you will need a torch, so it’s good practice to have a torch in traveling. one of the best traveling tips, to make your journey more enjoyable

Order your money in your wallet:

You always arrange money from largest to small notes and face side forward.

Arranging your money in order is a good habit. But be very careful when you are traveling because when you move among different countries you will have various types of currency that can be confusing.

For example, in Vietnamese Dong notes 10,000 and 100,000 are the same size and shape as well. And in hurry, you can get confused in a lot of zeros. And in hurry, you can lose 100k instead of 10K.

This traveling tip is simple and important as well.

And if you think street vendors will pay you back or point out your mistake, then you are mistaken.

UNESCO World Heritage Site:

Best Travelling tips

If you want to visit the best places or beautiful places as well then before planning visit best this site first.

It is called UNESCO World Heritage Sites official website.

In the top list, only these places will be included that are best and worth watching. These sites are being protected because they can be helpful for mankind or have some culture to preserve.

These sites are being protected for our coming generations.

And if you visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites, you will never regret it. At these places, you will always find peace, nature, or the old history of mankind. I think this is a good traveling tip.

 So before planning visit this site, to make your trip informative.

Use Mobile app:

Using technology is not a bad thing. Some people want to escape the modern world and enjoy old ways of living.

If you have a smartphone in your pocket then why not use it. Because it will make your life easier. You have all the knowledge of the world just in your small smartphone. Instead of reading traveling guide is old now. Now you have a mobile app that will make your traveling much better.

Here are some smartphones apps for you:

  • GlobeConvert for currency conversion.
  • Maps.me will help you to find your way.
  • Google Translate for translation and without WIFI as well.
  • Uber or local services (Grab in Asia)

This traveling tip will help you a lot, if you know how to use your mobile.

Your bag pack:

Best Travelling tips - bag pack

During traveling your bag is your home. So, don’t buy a cheap bag, because it can be squashed, soaked, scraped, and bashed. And everything you have inside it will be gone.

If you are conduced and have no idea what to buy then go for Osprey, these are very reliable.

It will be costly but trust me this traveling tip will help you in a long run.

Accommodation near the University area:

If you’re visiting a city where is a university then you are in luck. Because near a university you will find a cheap residence, coffee shops, small supermarkets and you will safe as well.

Always try to share a room with the young generation because they will be having their love to share and promote their country. And also, will be interested to know you.

That why the area near the university is the perfect place to find living somewhere safe, so start your search from here.

Use banks to transfer money:

It will be annoying to get money abroad. You want to get large money at once but end up paying the large fee as well.

But when you have money in large money, then you will end up paying 100$ note instead of 1$ to a street vendor.

But you can do a simple thing, just go to the nearest bank and ask them to change your money into smaller grades. Most banks are happy to do this, and also won’t ask for a fee. Sometimes some banks may deny this.

You are thinking it’s an obvious tip, but many people don’t do this.

Early routine:

Best Travelling tips - morning routine

Traveling is often for relaxing, but if you want to explore the city get up early in the morning.

If you get up early, then you will have the following advantages:

  • Less tourist in the streets
  • Good light for picture
  • Con-artist, hawkers, and pickpockets will be in their bed
  • If you have few days of the trip, it will extend your time
  • In a hot weather country, it’s a good habit to stay away from heat.

I’m not saying you to get up early every morning, but few mornings will enhance your experience and give you a space to enjoy your time.

Local guidelines:

Local guidelines will be very helpful to learn new things. Local guides will be very cheap more than you even think.

With a guide’s help, you will get a good knowledge of the site. And you also have a chance to ask more questions. Then you will be able to shown aspects of the site, that you will be never able to find.

Another traveling tips are to read my next blog

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