Organic food is far better than inorganic food. Organic food is rich in minerals, which can help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. There are many benefits of organic food that we will discuss next but before that, you should know that what is organic food.

What organic food means

Organic food is the products that are grown and processed by agriculture. During the process, foods are grown according to their nature with pesticides, fertilizers, bioengineering gens, and synthetic herbicides. If you force the food to grow out of its nature then this is not organic food.  And that’s why there will be no benefit of organic food.

Organic food is producing in farms in developed countries on large scale. But in developing countries, even small farmers produce organic food at a small level. Every country has its own rules.

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Organic vs inorganic Food

Let discuss the same basic difference between organic and inorganic food. That will help you recognize organic food products.

Organic foodInorganic food
Grown with the help of natural fertilizersGrown with the usage of synthetic and chemical fertilizers
Its growth is naturally controlledIts growth is controlled by chemical herbicides.
Organic food is grown with organic things only.Inorganic food is grown with hormones that boost its growth rate.
Organic food is prepared or grown outdoor.Inorganic food can be grown in both outdoor and indoor
To prevent it from diseases, use only organic methods.To prevent the disease medication and antibiotics are used.

Benefits of organic food

There are many benefits of organic food.

1.    Organic food has more quantity of nutrients

The organic food has more nutrients and minerals quantity because they are grown through organic methods without the use of any hormones that can increase their growth rate. In that way, the food loses its originality which results in a decrease in the percentage of nutrients present in the food.

So that eating organic food will give you richly in nutrients food that will promote good health

2.    Organic food has great taste

Most people said organic food is tasty. You know why? Because they buy organic food from mostly local areas rather than food from far away from the farm. Local organic food is mostly fresh, and fresh food is always yummy.

This food reaches the market quickly and that’s why people are enabled to buy and eat fresh food. Fresh food is healthy to eat and also be good in taste. Maybe some people did like food because it’s not fresh. So, buy the fresh to keep everyone healthy.

3.    Organic food has a greater number of antioxidants

The antioxidants that are present in fresh fruits and vegetables have many health benefits. It helps up to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The antioxidants save us from many harmful diseases.

And according to a search if you are eating food rich in antioxidants you will less likely to have cancer. Organic food has more antioxidants than an inorganic foot. So, eat healthy for a healthy brain.

4.    Organic food is safe

When food is growing without any inorganic materials such as pesticides, chemicals, any speed growth hormones, then such food is chemical-free. It also does not pollute the environment with chemical pesticides.

Because organic food is chemical-free, it does not cause any disease because it is produced through old organic ways. And Diseases are also prevented through organic ways.

5.    Organic food is environment friendly

We all know that chemicals are polluting the air on daily basis. Different gases are released into the air while chemicals are produced. And when these chemicals are given to the food, these transfer from food to the human body and stuck there. These chemicals can be harmful and can cause serious disease to the human.

And when food is prepared through organic way and all the process is chemical-free. In this way, both humans and the environment can be chemical-free.

6.    Organic food support good physical health        

As we mentioned above, organic food contains more nutrients than inorganic food. For example, we eat organic food, it will keep us healthy and fit. Because if we eat food with more nutrients, it will promote good physical health, it will also help us in the long run of life.

Because if we eat good organic food in our teens and early periods of life, then it will affect our health in old age.

7.    Organic food is good for all

The process of producing organic food is difficult. Most people avoid it, to produce full organic food because it takes effort. But if you produce organic food, it can help everyone, such as farmers will get a good price, second people will be able to eat organic food and third it will also good for animals.

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Locally grown food and Organic food

Food that is locally grown has to a specific standard. And local food production can be easy, you can grow food in a garden or any small place. You can grow food for your home and also sell food to the local food market. Local food has many benefits.

The benefit of locally-grown food:

Fresh and full of nutrients: The food of the local market is fresh, which has a good and delicious taste. And with the taste, it is full of different nutrients.

Transportation: If food is locally grown then it can reach the local market easily. As compared to the food which is grown in farms. This food travels an average of 1500 miles before reaching the dinner plate.

Financial: When food is grown locally and sale it in the local market. In this way, money remains inside the local community.

Is organic food chemical-free?

You may have the impression that organic food does not contain any chemicals. But you are wrong. Even in organic food, they use pesticides but these are organic pesticides and have less harmful effects as compare to inorganic pesticides.

According to some researches, it shows that even a low number of pesticides can lead to cancer such as prostate cancer, breast cancer, brain tumors, and many more.

As we all know that children and fetuses are more vulnerable to these pesticides because they have less immunity that can lead to serious disease. That’s why always try to eat organic food to protect your loved ones.

Pregnant women at more risk from these harmful inorganic foods. Because these increase the stress to the organs, which are already in stress.

We have discussed many benefits of organic food and also the disadvantages of inorganic food. Now you know that eating organic food is compulsory to ensure good physical health.

Benefits of organic food in few words

We have discussed many benefits of organic food and also the disadvantages of inorganic food. Now you know that eating organic food is compulsory to ensure good physical health.

And to maintain a healthy lifestyle, always choose the food that is good for health.


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