Bananas are extremely delicious and have a great impact on health. let discuss some Powerful Benefits of banana on Physical Health.

Bananas are very popular due to the presence of a high amount of nutrients which provide many physical health benefits. It boosts your digestion and reduces the risk of heart disease due to its antioxidant and fiber contents. It also helps in weight loss because it contains relativity fewer calories and high nutrients density.

People have grown this fruit from ancient times and its benefits have been promoted for centuries. It provides benefits in weight loss, digestion, and heart health as well. Now read the few benefits of banana.

1. Bananas are easy to consume with diet

Bananas are most easily to add to your diet plan. Because is considered convenient snack food.

Bananas can be adding to cereals, smoothies, and yogurt. You can also use it like sugar in your cooking and baking cake, cookies as well. Because a banana has a thick protective peel so it’s less likely to have any bacteria inside it.

And it is one of the easily eatable food and can also be transport easily.

2. Bananas is beneficial in your exercise

Bananas are considered perfect food for athletes due to their large amount of minerals and easily digestible carbohydrates. Eating bananas will reduce muscle cramps and soreness due to exercise.

Some researchers gave no clear result about muscle cramps and bananas. While other studies find banana helpful and at the same time some studies find no effects.

But they said that bananas do provide nutrients in exercise and after exercise as well.  One of the benefits of bananas is they help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

3. Bananas improve your mental health

Potassium is needed to control blood pressure and kidney functionalities. If you take a good amount of potassium in daily food then it will be beneficial to maintain the health of the kidney.

One 13 years research find out that a woman who eats 2 to 3 bananas per week has a 33% fewer chance of developing kidney stones.

Some’s other researches also proves that a person who eats bananas 4-6 times a week has only a 50% more chance of having kidney stones or disease than those who don’t eat fruit at all. This ensures good kidney health is found in people who eat bananas on weekly basis. Banana and water both are beneficial to health.

4. Unrip bananas help in improving insulin sensitivity

Many kinds of research prove that 15-30 grams of resistant starch in your daily diet will improve your insulin sensitivity by 33-51% in few weeks.

As we already know that’s unripe banana contains a good amount of resistant starch which will help you improve your insulin sensitivity. More studies are needed to understand the effect of bananas in reducing insulin sensitivity.

unripe banana

5. Banana helps you to feel full

Resistance starch present in unripe bananas and other foods is a type of indigestible starch, which functions are like soluble fiber in our body.

So, you must estimate that the greener the banana is, it contains more resistant fiber in it. That’s means yellow banana contains a low amount of resistant starch and fiber and will have a higher amount of soluble fiber.

Both resistance starch and pectin will reduce your appetite and make you feel full for a short period of time.

6. Bananas has powerful antioxidants

Vegetables and fruits are a good source of dietary antioxidants. And bananas also contain dietary antioxidants in a good amount as well.

 They are consisting of different types of potent antioxidants, also include catechins and dopamine. These antioxidants also provide many health benefits and reduce the risks of heart diseases and illness.

It is commonly mistaken that dopamine from the banana will reduce your stress and makes you feel good. But in reality, dopamine from bananas doesn’t have any link with the brain at all. Dopamine simple act as strong antioxidants rather than alternating interfering with hormones and mood  

7. Bananas support heart health

Potassium plays a vital role in heart health and helps to control blood pressure. Even though its importance is more but still people don’t get enough potassium in their food.

Banana is a great source of potassium. A medium-sized banana contains 9% nutrients of our daily intake of food. Food that contains potassium in greater number help in maintaining blood pressure. People who intake plenty of potassium on daily basis have 27% lower risks of heart disease.

8. Bananas helps you with weight loss

No one study on a banana to find either it helps in weight loss or not. But it does have several nutrients that are helpful in weight loss.

Bananas have only a few calories. A medium-sized banana just has 100+ calories and it is also very filling and nutritious. It is also to help in weight loss and body weight.

Because unripped bananas contain resistant starch, so it will make you feel full and reduce your eating desire.

banana with pinapple

9. Bananas improve your digestive health

Dietary fiber provides many physical health benefits. One of them is, it improves your digestion.

A medium-sized banana contains 3 grams of fiber, this makes the banana a good source of fiber.

Banana contains mainly two types of fiber:

  • Resistance starch: present in unripe bananas.
  • Pectin: it decreases with the reopening of bananas.

Resistance starch when escape digestion then it will end up in the large intestine, where it will become the food of beneficial bacteria in your gut.  Additionally, some researches also prove that pectin also protects against colon cancers. And there is also more benefits of banana.

10. Bananas help in moderating sugar level

Banana contains pectin, a fiber that makes the flesh structure like spongy form. Unripe bananas have resistant starch that will act as soluble fiber and prevent digestion.

Pectin and resistance starch together help to moderate sugar levels in the blood and slow the process of digestion. Due to the slow process of digestion, it fills gives you a feeling of fullness for a period of time. Ripped bananas should not be eaten by people who have diabetes. Because it will increase their sugar level. If they want to eat ripped bananas, they must monitor their sugar level carefully.

Now you have read the benefits of banana, then start eating banana now and improve your health.


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