The northern area of Pakistan holds the most beautiful places and hill stations. You will be amazed by its beauty. And Murree is one of these places, you will have many beautiful places to visit in Murree.

Murree is also called the valley of hills, because of its high, beautiful green scenery and breathtaking location. If you are planning to visit in the coming month then we can help you to choose different beautiful which can be your top of list locations.

10 best places to visits in Murree

1.    Ayubia

Ayubia is one of the beautiful places to visit in Murree. It is also considered as best picnic spot if you are going to Murree. Because of the Ayubia National Park which is spread over 3027meets at the height of 1050meters.

The Ayubia national park has lush green trees and landscapes, which are worth visiting. And if you are planning to come here then, summer is the best option for you. Because the climate is cool and you will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery around here.

2.    Nathiagali

Nathiagali is a small town near Ayubia, with rich green hilltops, hiking tracks, and have pleasant weather. It is situated at 34Km from Abbottabad and Murree. Because of its height altitude of 8400ft, you can enjoy the pleasant and cool weather here.

From Nathiagali you can also enjoy the view of the snow-capped peaks of Kohistan and Kashmir. And if you are lucky to have clear weather, you can also see Nanga Parbat from here. It also has a small local market to buy some local handmade stuff.

And the best season to enjoy the trip is also summer, weather is moderate and cool because of frequent rainfall.

3.    Ghora Gali

If you want to stay at good hotels and resorts then Ghora Gali is your best option among different places in Murree. You can enjoy the weather and beauty around you while eating the delicious food of the resorts.

During your stay here, you can also go around to enjoy the hiking and weather that can change quickly from clear weather to rains and cloudy daytime. So must visit Ghora Gali while your visit around the Murree Hills.

4.    The Mall Road

The Mall Road is considered one of the most visited places in Murree. Everyone who went to Murree, at least went to Mall Road one time. Because if you want to do some local shopping, then it’s your best option. You will find hundreds of shops for local food and other stuff.

And you will also find good hotels around Mall Road while your stay at Murree. The market remains open until 3 am because the tourists love to visit the place at night to do some shopping and enjoy the weather with dinner parties.

The Mall Road is full of yummy food, restaurants, hotels, and local beautiful crafts.

5.    Kashmir point

If you are looking for a peaceful location with less tourist attraction. You will be able to see the real and old side of Murree. And you can also enjoy the pleasant weather of Murree with a faraway view of Kashmir Hills.

The weather here changes constantly and rain is expected every day. The best part is the Murree Safari Train which passes through the GPO to enjoy the view around here. And the train tour will be about 20 minutes, in which you would be able to view the old colonial-era pictures of Murree.

6.    Pindi Point

The Pindi point is another one of the beautiful places to visit in Murree. It is a small beautiful point, a 15minutes walk from Murree. And people also enjoy the chairlift ride from Pindi Point to Bansara Gali.

During your ride to Bansara Gali, you can enjoy the scenery around you and can view the faraway Kashmir Hills Tops covered in snow. The Pindi Point is known for its view which shows both Islamabad and Rawalpindi. And also, the Pine Forest of Murree.

7.    Bhurban

If you want to visit some beautiful landscape in Murree then Bhurban is your best option. You can enjoy the beautiful landscape and can arrange a picnic as well. and if you decided to stay at PC Bhurban then your treat is double.

The lavish amenities with breathtaking landscapes in cloudy weather can make your day amazing and peaceful. It is situated on the main road leading to Azad Kashmir.

8.    Rawat

The Rawat is another beautiful place in Murree. It is also considered the best picturesque location in Murree because of its beautiful landscape and mountains scenery view. It has many small villages with basic needs.

If you want emergency treatments then the Rawat is best knows for medical treatment in the area, because many professional doctors are available.

9.    Patriata

patriata Murree
Patriata, Murree Hill Station

The Patriata hold the most beautiful scenery of Murree. It is also considered as new Murree because its popularity is increasing with passing days. It is about 15Km from Murree Lower Topa Hills.

This beautiful Hill station is newly craved to attract more visitors around the country to enjoy the breathtaking scenery around here. The best thing is Chairlift and cable car system, which will take you from Murree Hills to Patriata. And here you can relax, enjoy the mountain view and eat delicious food.

The best time to visit is also summer if you want to avoid an influx of visitors. Because in the winter season, this place is full of tourists and you have to wait in line to get the ticket and then, again wait to get into the cable car.

10.   Upper & Lower Topa

If you are a lover of greenery and lush green forest then this is your best place to visits in Murree. It is located at an altitude of 7000ft. both regions provide beautiful gateways for families and tourists around the country.

The best time to visit these places is summer because of the moderate and pleasant weather here. And in winter it mostly coved it snow after the heavy snowfall.


This article explains about many small and beautiful places around the Murree district, now you can plan your trip around the city here. While your stay here must visit all these places to make a beautiful and remembered trip ever.

After your trip, you will thank us for letting you explore the beauty around Murree.

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