Amazon rainforest covering most of South America is the world’s largest and most bio-divers place on earth. Because it is covering a large region on earth, it has hundreds of various species from the smallest insects to the largest wild animals. You can find colors full of small birds, beautiful rivers, big gigantic snacks, and many others living things. All these places attract many visitors who love nature from around the world.

Amazon produces about 20% of the oxygen on earth and considers as the lungs system of the planet. This forest has million of a tree with thousands of species and until now new researches are made to gain more knowledge. The Amazon River has many water species which is not found in any other region of the earth.

Now if you want the visits this rainforest then there is a long list of beautiful but we have a shortlist of the 5 beautiful and convenient places to explore in the Amazon. Keep reading the article to get interesting information about these places. Here are the 5 beautiful places.

1.    Coca

It is located in Orellana Province. It is a 10-hour drive from Quito and only 35minutes if you went there by airplane. This place is the starting point to explore the two beautiful places, one is Limoncocha Biological Reserve and the second is the famous Yasuní National Park.

You will find many places and restaurants to stay at night during your trip to the inner parts of the amazon rainforest. There is also a museum MACCO where you can explore and leans about Amazon and its history. You can also go on a trip to the Napo River by boat to enjoy the beauty around the river and to watch nature closely. And also, can learn how the people are living here with an old living culture.

2.    Parrot clay licks

It is fascinating to hear the sound of hundreds of parrots who are flying here all the time. You can see 5 different parrots species including macaws at the same time. It is a beautiful spot to watch them from a corner.

The easiest access clay lick is inside the Yasuni National Park. At this place, you can find a comfortable cabin whichever you want to have the beautiful scene you ever enjoyed. You can also enjoy the life around here without disturbing the animals and click the photos calmly to have the best click. I’m a bird lover and loved to go there to observe them closely.

3.    Yasuni National Park

The Yasuni National Park is a famous national park established in 1979. It is covering about 982,000 hectares which makes it the largest national park on the earth. And in the same year, it is added to the list of International Biosphere Reserves by UNESCO. Which attracts a hundred visitors each year to this beautiful land with wild and other small animals’ habitat. The park mostly attracts adventurers who want camping, hiking, and exploring the wildlife here.

This area is mostly uninhabited but the people from the Huaorani community live here to work on research projects. There are multiple communities around the park to protect its territory and the animals living here. You will find a planet of places to visit in the national park such as Curaray, Yasuní, Tiputini, Cononaco, and many others rivers for a boat trip.

4.    Puerto Maldonado, Peru

This beautiful place full of nature is the second-best place to have an Amazon rainforest adventure. It is situated at the east of Cusco towards the border of Brazil and Bolivia. The steamy jungle is surrounded by Tambopata and Manu national parks, which are considered the best on the continent.

This place mostly attracts the birds’ lover here because you can find various types of color-full birds from small to big including rainbow color macaw. And you will also find exotic animals around the region if you explore them deeply. The place is also considered a beautiful visitor destination.

5.    Manaus, Brazil

rainbow macaw

It is the modern city of Amazon where you can find modern life with a 2 million population. People are living here close to nature to have a peaceful and healthy life. Living right inside the world’s largest rainforest with beautiful scenery and peace around.

There are many first-rate jungle lodges are present around the region with various small rivers that flow right through them. Visitors can enjoy boating here and the nature’s view alongside the river. If you want to explore in daylight, then you have many fascinating tourist attractions close to the city. And come back to the city at night to have peaceful sleep and take a shower.

Remember that city is isolated and deep in the forest, either you have to take few days boat trip or through domestic flight.

Interesting facts about the Amazon rainforest

  • About 400-500 indigenous Amerindian tribes live in the forest
  • The beautiful pick dolphin found in the Amazon river
  • The trees are so thick that sunlight cannot reach the ground
  • The place is home to 40,000 planet species, 3,000 types of fishes, 1,300 bird species, 2.5 million different insects, and many other wild animals as well.


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