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The road trip is a beautiful and adventurous activity. If you want to enjoy the ride and nature. And want to explore nature closely. During a road trip, you can easily stop at any point to take pictures and enjoy the meal. During the road trip, you can visit many places, stop at your favorite point and stay there for a day or two.

You should plan your whole road trip before starting, it will help you in many ways. And You will not any destination, you can enjoy the meal and many more. You can face some difficulties if you did not plan your road trip. And traveling tips can help you to make it more comfortable.

1.    South Dakota Black Hills

South Dakota Black Hills
South Dakota Black Hills

The black hills of Dakota are long runways that consist of many beautiful sceneries. You can see forests of ponderosa pine which are expanding in millions of Acres. After the pin tress, the view will transform into beautiful landscapes with water & wind only. You can view the beauty of the wider landscape.

You can also visit Mount Rushmore, the recognizable landmarks in the USA. And the national park & national monument park has the longest cave systems up to 180miles.

2.    Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway is sometimes also called American’s “Favorite Drive”. You can enjoy the long road trip of 420miles. The whole area is a part of the US national park. You can enjoy breathtaking mountains view, find many picnic points, different hiking points for everyone and mountains spares in millions of miles.

During the beautiful ride, you can visit many other places such as Julian Price Park, Grandfather Mountain, Chestoa View, The Orchard at Altapass, Green Knob Overlook, Glassmine Falls Overlook, Mills River Valley, Linn Cove Viaduct, Flat Rock Trail, and Cold Mountain Overlook. You can stop at any spot to enjoy the road trip.

3.    California’s Pacific Coast Highway

California's Pacific Coast Highway

The California’s Pacific Coast is considered to be the world’s most beautiful highway. You can enjoy the slow ride to apricate the breathtaking view of each landscape. If you get the opportunity to visit different places during the trip then you can visit surfing villages, pioneer outposts, roadside kitsch, bohemia, farm-fresh foods, and taste the local wine.

It is a total drive of 10hours. But during the road trip, you should stop at a different point to visits and explore the beauty. You should make night stays to extend your road trip up to six hours. Then you can enjoy the road trip.

4.    Hana Coastline road trip, Hawaii

Hana Coastline, Hawaii

The Hana coastline provides you with a different memorizing view such as plugging waterfalls, black sand beaches, and beautiful road trips. On the left side of the whole trip is the azure ocean and on the right side, you will see waterfalls, long spreads taro plants, fruit trees, limpid pools, and jungles of bamboo.

You can buy fresh mangoes and enjoy the trip with music on the radio. The trip starts from Kahului and to Hana. During the trip, you can visit the Garden of Eden, Lower Puohokamoa Falls, Waianapanapa State Park, Wailua Falls, Pua’a Ka’a State Park, and Botanical Arboretum.

5.    Olympic Peninsula Highway, Washington

Olympic Peninsula Highway, Washington

You have many things to visits here. Such as You can view the cold peaks of the Olympic peninsula which is mostly under the clouds. You start your journey from Seattle. Your first stop will be port angles. It is a beautiful small town covered by lavender farms. And from port angles, you can go in a different direction to move further.

 You can visit The Dungeness Spit, Port Angeles, Neah Bay (where Makkah Tribe lives), Lake Crescent, Sol Duc Hot Springs, La Push, Forks Timber Museum, Hoh Rain Forest, Quinault Rain Forest, and Grays Harbor.

6.    Richardson Highway Road Trip, Alaska

Richardson Highway road trip, Alaska

The Richardson Highway will give you breathtaking views with eccentric views of the Chugach Mountains, a long-range of mountains, and the best glacier in Alaska. It is considered the first road in Alaska, used by gold seekers. And the road provides a good view of the trans-Alaska pipeline and mountain scenery with high peaks.

7.    Hamakua Coast Drive, Hawaii

Hamakua Coast road trip, Hawaii

If you a lover of nature then this Highway road trip is for you. It is a beautiful rain forest where you can find lush green fields, trees, green valleys, and stunning waterfalls.

For a memorable road drive, start your drive from Hilo to Waipio Valley. During the drive along with the coats, you will see hick with tropical foliage and deep water-carved gulches. Stop here to visits the different gardens. The other places you can visit are Hamakua Heritage Corridor, Honokaa, and Waipio Valley Lookout.

8.    Flint Hills National scenic highway, Kansas

Flint Hills National. Kansas

The Flint Hills road trip. You will see rolling mountains, limestone bluffs, farmhouses, and lovely barns. And fill find yourself twisting across the breathtaking view, and beautiful Kansas. The grass can be 4 or 5 inches and, in some areas, it is up to waist size. You can see millions of castles and occasional bison herds as well in Flint Hills.  

During the beautiful road trip, you will pass through the strong city, Junction City, Abilene, Council Grove, Emporia, Topeka, Wamego, Lawrence, Wichita, and Manhattan.

9.    San Juan Skyway road trip, Colorado

San Juan Skyway , Colorado

The locals called their home “Colorful Colorado,” and during the road trip, you will find it why. You will see all possible sides of nature, from multi-hued alpine meadow to creamy sands. In the southwest of Colorado, you will find gold mines, hundreds of years old.

On the road trip, you will visit, Animas River, Silverton high Rocky Mountains, Million Dollar Highway, mists of Ouray, Dallas Divide, Trout Lake, and Rico (silver mining town).

10.  Seward Highway, Alaska

Seward Highway, Alaska

You may find this area with no billboard, with few gas stations, fewer towns, and no tollbooths. But if you are here to explore the beauty then you will find many breathtaking views here.

You can see whales, high peaks mountains, blue glaciers, waterfalls, stormy ocean fjords, and trout ponds. There is more other small town and stop here to visits and wiled life can also be seen here.


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