When you think of Florida, you may of orange juice, alligators, theme parks, beaches, and sunshine. But this state which is the 27th state to enter the Union has much more breathtaking views. One side of Florida is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and another side is by the Gulf of Mexico. And also, there are long beaches of white sand spread across hundreds of miles and other best places to visit in Florida.

In this US state, visitors will find Miami and its Miami beaches, which are famous for Cuban culture, beaches, and their Art Deco architecture. People come here for scuba diving, beaches, snorkeling, and beautiful road trips. And there are much more places to explore to enjoy the trips or vacations.

10 best places to visit in Florida

Sr. NoPlaceMust visit
1Panama City BeachAmusement and water parks
2OrlandoWalt Disney World
3Sanibel IslandBeaches to collect shells
4Florida KeysUnderwater Christ of the Abyss statue
5Clearwater BeachPier 60 and Dolphin tour
6Tampa Bay Areazoo dedicated to the animals from Busch Gardens.
7MiamiThe South beaches
8Naples, FloridaBeautiful city beaches
9Fort LauderdaleThe Strip beach
10EvergladesThe National Park

1.    Panama City Beach

The beach is situated outside the city and called Panama City Beach; it offers 43km of white sand beaches at the cost. It is the most popular destination for people of the southern united states and also attracts thousands of colleges and high school students each year in the spring season.

You can have fun on beaches, drinks juices and enjoy the food. Besides all these, this small town is offering more than 12,000 permanent residents offers golfing, marine spark, spots, and fishing as well. There are also amusement and water parks, allegators, in short everting a family need.

2.    Orlando

This city has more theme parks than anywhere you go. That’s why people also called it the city of theme parks. There are Universal Studios, Gator parks, Walt Disney World, Sea World and Epcot Center, and many more which attracts more than 51 million visitors from around the world to Florida. And Florida its self has a 2milion population, which makes it a crowded city all the time.

The sunbelt is not hit by high waves as in other parts of Florida, so this is one of the best places to visit in Florida.

3.    Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island is a small island that is connected to the main city by causeways. And situated just outside Fort Myers in the Gulf of Mexico. It is mostly famous for quiet beaches, peace, natural travel destinations, and is well suited for families to spend quality time and have fun. Most of the part of the island is the residence of wild animals and consider as the best place to hunt for shells.

There is more than 7,000 permeant residence here to enjoy a peaceful life. Except for beaches, it has historical museums, an art center, and a lighthouse.

4.    Florida Keys

The Florida Keys is a long chain of 120 miles with tropical islands of Florida and a peninsula connected by series of bridges. It includes Key Largo, Marathon, Islamorada Key, and others. The Seven-mile bridge is the most specular of all these. This island is divided into three main groups, upper, middle, and lower keys.

Moreover, It started from the Key Largo, where you can find the underwater Christ of the Abyss statue, which can be observed by sea divers. And as you moved along the keys, you will find many beaches, leaves, and points to stay and have fun.

5.    Clearwater Beach

clearwater beaches

This beach has miles of white sand beaches, the clearwater beach is separated by the intercostal highway from the city of clearwater. In 2013 this beach ranked as the US best beach Town. You can lay on the white sand and enjoy swimming in clearwater. Besides these, there are many other activates such as sailing, fishing, dolphin tours, and kayaking.

A lot of people also get married on the beach sides. The most popular spot here is Pier 60, a fishing Pires which has a playground, various entertainers, snack bars, and at night you can buy crafts from local artists.

6.    Tampa Bay Area

The Gulf of Mexico in the Tampa Bay area includes a large natural Harbor, several popular cities such as St. Petersburg and Tampa itself. It is considered as home to the home of NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This beach provides many family-oriented activities including a theme park, Busch Gardens, and zoo which is dedicated to the animals from Busch Gardens.

It is the best place to visit in Florida if you want to enjoy the beaches and spend quality time with family and create beautiful memories. So just go here, if you went to Florida.

7.    Miami

Miami is one of the most vibrant cities in the US. Mostly known for beautiful nights and Latin Culture. The city is situated in southeastern Florida with a coastline of the Atlantic Ocean. Miami is also a major port that managing the larges number of cruise ships in the world. It attracts millions of visitors each year from around the world.

Miami is a place with ethnic culture with a wide range of exciting and engaging activates which can keep you busy all day. What attracts the most visitors to Miami is its sunny beaches for family and friends. And best places to visit in Florida

8.    Naples, Florida

This city faces problems in the beginning but now it is one of the wealthiest cities in the United States. Here the selling price of a house is more than 40 million which is pretty high. It got the name Naples because the bay located here is more beautiful than the Bay of Naples in Italy.

It is a popular tourist attraction due to wildlife refuges and beautiful city beaches. The city has other popular places such as Florida Panther National Wildlife Reserve, Everglades National Park, and others.

9.    Fort Lauderdale


A few years before, this place was considered as the spring break destination. But now it is more than that sophisticated cultural center with increasing market value. This place is situated 37km from the city of Miami and is called the Venice of America because of the extended canal system.

To promote tourism there are plenty of hotels, museums, marines, and golf courses. Furthermore, The city’s Port Everglades is the busiest cruise-ship port in the entire world.  

10.           Everglades

It is one of the best natural resources in the United States. This place is the combination of saw-grass prairies, mangrove complex, sub-tropical jungles, and swamps. Additionally, It can be very interesting if you want to explore nature closely. The city is situated in the south of Florida and protected by Everglades National Park.

It provides shelter to the fishes, animals, reptiles, birds, and including endangered species. And it is also one of the largest National Park in the USA.


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